How to increase the attractiveness of multi-family buildings

738x415_building-multi-family When it comes to multi-family buildings both residents and investors have expectations. While tenants are looking for affordable, high levels of comfort, owners are wishing for profitability and satisfied tenants.

- Tuesday, 22 March 2016 By COMMERCIAL CONTROLS

Modern heating technology gives owners and managers of properties numerous ways to improve energy efficiency in their buildings, to the benefit of not only themselves but also tenants and the environment.

Danfoss aims at bringing the full benefits of efficient heating systems to everyone involved in apartment block living. This means achieving better return on investment, lower overall costs, greater comfort and safety, and reduced environmental impact.

Whether planning a new build, renovation or refurbishment, there are various options to increase the attractiveness of multi-family buildings: 

Intelligent room temperature control
Hydronic balancing of the heating system
Decentralized heat distribution and easy energy billing
Hygienic domestic hot water heating
Central heat supply with one or more energy sources

At Danfoss we offer energy-efficient solutions for all common heating systems, including radiator-based and floor heating systems for all new-build and renovation projects. We offer a full range of products to accurately meet the requirements of any specific system. User needs, functional requirements, budget and return on investment are taken into consideration when selecting the right solution.

Please contact us to have a Danfoss expert advisor assist you in planning your project.



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Up to 23% energy savings thanks to intelligent thermostats, temperature control and hydronic balancing.


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