Low energy houses

  • The advantage of working with a single solution provider

    "Buying all the products we needed from one supplier provided a sense of reassurance. We basically just added the floor
    heating pipes."

    John Møller-Pedersen

  • Optimal indoor climate

    The task was to build 18 houses in Denmark with the best possible indoor climate and zero energy consumption. A tough challenge, but very achievable.

    Designing a total solution
    The contractor and the manager of the building project put their heads together to work out a solution. A photovoltaic system was chosen as the primary energy source, transforming the sun’s rays into electric power. The electric power is then used to operate a heat pump and a heat recovery and ventilation unit. The heat pump provides warm water for the floor heating in the houses.

    Floor heating helps to eliminate heating costs
    Energy consumption for heating and ventilating the houses is estimated to be less than 4,000 kWh per year per house, while the photovoltaic system produces around 6,000 kWh. This means that more energy is produced than is required to operate the heat pump and ventilation unit. Using !oor heating in combination with the heat pump is very energy efficient. This is because floor heating requires a lower supply temperature than radiators. For every 1 degree centigrade that the supply temperature can belowered, heat pump efficiency (COP) improves by 2%.


  • Fact box

    Country: Denmark

    Building type: 18 family houses

    Building year: 2013-2014

    Size: 104-125 m2

    Heat emitter: Floor heating

    Floor heating type: CF2+

    Heat source:
    Danfoss heat pump, DHP-AQ

    Company name: Salling Entreprise


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