Multi-family houses

  • Well-balanced floor heating comfort in 17 high-rise apartment buildings

    "We wanted to avoid typical complaints related to poor hydronic balancing while also residents optimal comfort. With the help of Danfoss, we fully achieved both these goals."

    Mr. Shengguo Zhu
    Xinyuan estate

  • Ensuring comfortable heating

    The “Taiyang Gongyuan” project in Beijing, China, includes 17 residential buildings with a total of 2.154 apartments. All buildings are heated via district heating.

    Due to the large size of the buildings, each with up to 29 fl€oors, establishing proper hydronic balancing was a priority. This would eliminate complaints from residents about uneven heating while providing the desired high level of indoor comfort.

    To meet both requirements, Danfoss proposed a thoughtfully configured system that included automatic balancing valves, fl€oor heating and individual room temperature control.

    Hydronic balancing

    To establish the necessary hydronic balance, Danfoss ASV automatic balancing valves were installed for each apartment. These valves prevent pressure fl€uctuations and ensure even heat distribution throughout the entire building.



  • Fact box

    Country: China

    Building type: 
    17 multi family houses

    Building year: 2010

    Size: 500,000 m2

    Heat emitter: Floor heating and hydronic balancing

    Floor heating control type: Danfoss CWD and FHF-F manifolds

    Heat source: District heating

    Company name: Xinyuan

    Company industry: Real estate company


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