One family houses

  • Energy makeover generates efficient and controllable heating

    "The wireless CF2+ system removes need for expensive cable laying almost all the restoration work out in the control cabinet. The work caused no mess both installation and commissioning were very straightforward."

    D. Braun,
    Braun Haustechnik

  • Renovating a private house

    A stone's throw from Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, house was built in 1984 and what was then state-of-the-art insulation.
    When the current owners took over house, in addition to inadequate roof insulation by today’s standards, the underfloor heating was not sufficiently controllable and drove up energy consumption.

    Meeting the challenge
    The existing underfloor heating system was slow to heat up, virtually unregulated and continuously at too high a flow rate. This meant excessive room temperatures and a high level of energy waste. In addition, the manifold’s control valves were extremely calcified by old leaks and the actuators were completely disconnected and disabled.


  • Room-by-room heating control

    A CF-RF thermostat with infrared floor sensor was fitted in the reception room to ensure an adequate base temperature. This device also regulates floor temperature when secondary heat sources are in use, such as a fireplace. Other rooms were equipped with CF-RD thermostats. A CF-RC remote control was fitted to look after timing and the old manifold was replaced for a FHF-F equipped with new TWA-A actuators.

    Increased comfort and energy savings
    The biggest advantage over the old solution was the achievement of genuine heating comfort. Temperature can now be individually set and regulated in each room, which offers excellent cost savings in a household.


  • Fact box

    Country: Germany

    Building type: 1-family house

    Renovation year: 2013

    Size: 220 m2

    Heat emitter: Floor Heating

    Control type: CF2+, FHF-F and TWA-A

    Heat source: Gas, with waterbased floor heating

    Company name: Braun Haustechnik, Dreieich

    Company industry: Plumbing

    Private consumer name: Klaus Gerlach, Wehrheim


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